Wood Apple Cream

These are very sour when unripe. When we were young we used to make sambol with such unripe wood apple (even though we call it sambol it is actually a quick pickle). The flesh in the ripe wood apple can be dark brown or black in colour and can be used as  fruit juice or as a dessert. I can remember my mother used to add some coconut milk to this, some add milk. But I do not add either.
Wood Apple Cream

Diul cupdivul juice

2 Wood apples (break open the wood apple and scrape the flesh inside the shell with a spoon)
1 cup water
5 tablespoons sugar or to your taste
¼ Teaspoon salt or (according to the sourness)

Put scraped wood apple flesh and ¾ cup water into the bowl and mix with a spoon and strain.
Diul 1
Put remaining water and mix again.
Then add the sugar and salt, mix well to blend everything. If it tastes too sour, add some more sugar and a little bit of salt. If it’s too thick, dilute adding some more water. Keep it refrigerated until used.
divul last
Serve with vanilla ice cream for better taste.
Diul cup
For a wood apple drink add a scoop of vanilla ice cream and mix it in a blender and for extra treat another scoop of ice cream on top.
divul juice

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  1. Hi Mrs Anoma…I have tried your yellow rice recipe and my baby daughter (3 yrs) and my husband enjoyed it…thank you for your lovely kitchen tips Im following them…thank you…all the best..

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