Mint Sambol

mint sambol 2


½ -¾ cup mint leaves washed
3 red onions and small onion cut into thin sliced
3 cloves garlic sliced
6 green chillies cut into thin slices
1 cup grated coconut
¼ teaspoon pepper
salt and lime juice to taste
mint sambol
Grind all the ingredients to a fine paste. Mix with hand and adjust the taste with salt and lime.

Serving Suggestion. With Chicken Biriyanimint sambol meal

2 thoughts on “Mint Sambol

  1. Hi Anoma,
    I tried your mint sambol and it turned out very good. Thank you for sharing your cooking methods, very much appreciated.
    If you have a love cake recipe and you don’t mind sharing it I would love to have it.
    Thank you and best regards.


  2. Hi Anoma , I learnt a lot from your channel and I turned cooking in to my latest hobby along with Corona restrictions . Your dedication, knowledge , clear explanations , use of proper tools , cleanliness , experience , interest & love for the subject , and kind words , keep you above all the other so called cooking experts .

    Every week I try one of your recipes and started with difficult dishes such as mutton Buriyani, Lampris , ‘Batu Moju , Ambulthiyal , etc. I always take a picture of the dish and there are hundreds of them in my picture library . Though I am married with two children & wife , I live in Los Angeles for the last ten years but a frequent visitor to my lovely country Sri Lanka.

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