Cucumber Salad ( Pipinna Sambol )

This is a simple salad we eat with rice and curries. It’s quite easy to make and  gives the contrast in taste between lime juice and salt. For Sri Lankan salads we add just lime and salt.
In the old days, my mother used to cut the cucumber as thinly as possible and put them into the salted water and squeezed them to remove the excess salt water. Then she makes the salad. But I don’t do that traditional method. Here is how I make the same salad.

Cucumber Salad ( Pipinna Sambol )
cucumba. 1JPG

1 small cucumber cut into slices thinly as possible
1 small onion or 6-8 red onions cut into thin slices
2 green chillies cut into thin rounds
1 tomato cut into slices
¼ teaspoon pepper
salt and lime to taste

Sri Lankan Cucumber
cucumba 5cucumba 2
cucumba 3
Mix all ingredients with salt, pepper and lime except cucumber.
cucumba 4
After balancing the taste with salt and lime juice add cucumber.
cucumba final
Make this just before you are ready to eat.
Serving Suggestion.
Rice, dhal curry, luunu kola tempered and fish curry.
cucumba meal

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