Chinese Egg and Tomato

When my daughter came back home from China after her studies in 2012, she always talked about this dish she had  in China. One day she made this according to the original recipe. After that, I made it my self doing several experiments. At last, gathering everybody’s comments at home I adjusted the recipe created my own version. When we cook Chinese food at home, this dish is a must to the menu.
I know a Chinese girl who lives in Sri Lanka, who eats this only with the rice because she is lazy to cook. She told me that she adds only sugar to this. But I simply love this with the soy sauce.
Chinese Egg and Tomato
chinese egg tomato5

4 eggs beaten
2 medium tomatoes cut into cubes
1 1/2  tablespoons soy sauce

2 teaspoons sugar – mixed with soy sauce
Pinch of pepper to your taste
1 teaspoon oil to fry the omelet

chinese egg tomoto 1
Beat the eggs with pepper. Heat oil in a nonstick pan put the egg mixture
let it cook like a omelet with out breaking into pieces.
chinese egg tomato3
Then add the cut tomato .
chinese egg tomato4
In a few seconds break the omelet into medium size pieces and add the soy sauce (mixed with sugar). Stir till tomatoes are cooked. Check taste (taste should balanced with both sugar and soy sauce).
chinese egg tomato5Enjoy…..!

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