Chicken Curry

Tasty chicken curry depend on the good quality roasted curry powder, and for the good thick curry, I use roasted and ground grated coconut and rice. you can prepare this and keep for around one month in your spice rack.
chicken curry dish 1


750g – 1 kilo chicken cut into pieces
3 – 2 teaspoons roasted chillie powder
2 teaspoons roasted curry powder
2 teaspoons garlic ground
2 teaspoons ginger ground
5 red onions sliced
2 green chillies sliced
2” rampe
1 sprig curry leaves
3 cardamoms
2 cloves
1 teaspoon ground rice and coconut paste
4 tamarind seeds dissolve in ¼ cup water or 1 tablespoon vinegar
1 teaspoon Salt
1 cup thin coconut milk
1 cup thick coconut milk

Roast and ground together
1/2  cup grated coconut
2 tablespoons rice
small piece cinnamon
1 sprig curry leaves
1″ rampe cut into small pieces
Roast all these ingredients in medium heat until golden. Grind while hot to a smooth paste.
Hal Pol
Put ginger, garlic, roasted chillie powder and gound coconut paste and grind to a smooth paste and mix with the chicken,
chick curry 1
Mix all the ingredients except the coconut milk.
chick curry 3
Cook in a very low heat for a one minute.Add the thin coconut milk and cook low heat until the chicken is cooked.
cucken curry 22
Add the thick coconut milk. and cook until gravy is thick.
cicken curry 21
chicken curry dish 2
Serving suggestions.Snake gourd curry, keselmuwa thempered,and kola mellum

mukunuwenna meal 1
Serving suggestions.

vambotu moju meal

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