Pol Sambol ( Coconut Sambol )

In the old days pol sambol was made using the grinding stone (miris gala) or mortar and pestle.

Pol sambol 5

But now a days most of Sri Lankans do not use the grinding stone. Hence, this is my easy way of making pol sambol using a South Asian food processor. Green chilli and a touch of pepper will give a good taste to this.

Pol Sambol ( Coconut Sambol )

pol sambbol11Ingredients

1 ½ cups of grated coconut
3 read onions sliced
1 green chili sliced
1 clove garlic
1 tea spoon chili powder
¼ tea spoon ground pepper
1 tea spoon Maldive fish chips
salt and lime juice to taste


Put all the ingredients except lime juice to the food processor  with dry grinding blade.

Pol sambol 1
Grind for seconds till it get thoroughly mixed and ground.

Pol sambol 2Transfer all into a bowl. Add lime juice to taste and mix well.Pol sambol 3Serving Suggestions- Rice with Fish Ambul thiyal

Pol Sambol 4Serving Suggestions 02 – Rice, Chicken tempered and Chutney
chicken thel meal 2Making Pol Sambol with mortar and pestle.

Put onion, garlic, Maldive fish and green chillies, pound to paste.

pol sambol vangedi.2JPGpol sambol vangedi.3

Add coconut, chillie powder, pepper and salt and pound till all ingredients are well ground and blended.
pol sambol vangedi.4pol sambol vangedi.1

Add lime to taste.

pol sambol vangedi.5

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  1. Hi Anoma, Is there any way you can reconstitute commercial Desiccated Coconut into near freshly grated coconut. The packet state to add hot water but it does not work.

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