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I am Anoma. I’m a housewife and working part time in my husband’s company, living in Sri Lanka. I love to cook. And needless to say, I love to eat. I don’t eat just to satisfy my hunger, I always want to eat food that is tasty, that will satisfy my taste buds.

After having children I always wanted to cook delicious food for them. So I used to try not only Sri Lankan, but other kinds of food as well. When my two children grew older they became my food tasters. All three members in my family are real foodies. So I am very happy to cook for them

So, now I would like to share all the knowledge I gathered and learned from my 27 years of my marriage life, from the many kinds of books I read of international recipes and of course, the traditional Sri Lankan recipes that we all love.

Hope you enjoy my recipes.

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  1. Dear Anoma,
    Thanks for sharing your recipe. My name is Wyman. I am a researcher from the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Currently, we’re working on a project about Sri Lankan culture in Hong Kong. One of the topics is food. We discussed the cooking of Mukunuwenna Mellum and Pol Sambol. One of my Sri Lankan friends recommends your blog to us. I am wondering if we can use your pictures in our exhibition writing. We would address your blog as the source of pictures in our exhibition. Your kind assistance is deeply appreciated.

    • Hello Anoma,
      I have never been very much enthusiastic about cooking before, but once I happened to see your videos, cooking seemed to be really interesting and fun. I have tried many of your recipes since and there is no looking back. I enjoy being in the kitchen cooking with you instructing very patiently and clearly. My family loves what I cook now! Thanks, thanks a lot.

  2. Dear Madam,
    I am Ganusha from Sri Lanka currently working at SLT Visioncom (Pvt) Ltd which is subsidiary of Sri Lanka Telecom and one and only “IPTV Service Provider – PEO TV”.
    I have gone through your “Anoma’s Kitchen” YouTube videos and those are really informative and quality video production.
    PEO TV consist of 100+ local and foreign channels and have 250K+ subscribers.
    Currently we have our own channel called 365 channel that consists of various segment such as promotion, discounts, music, cuisine etc…
    So PEO TV 365 channel would prefer to allocate time belt in our cuisine segment to your “Anoma’s Kitchen” YouTube videos.
    If you are willing to work with PEO TV it is really appreciable if you can contact us any time regarding your concern and working model.

  3. Dear Anoma.
    I’m a srilankan who lives in Canada. I love lankan cusine a lot. From my openion l thing srilankan cusine is the best and healthy.after a long search finaly I find our culture.please provide some Tamil flavors too.( jaffna flavour)
    I like the way you host ..It’s so happy to watch.
    Thank you

  4. Dear friend anoma
    my name is samara I live in montreal. canada. I enjoy and I really appreciate the recepies that
    you give. and I wish you all the best

  5. Hi Anoma aunty
    Hope tou are well. I’m from New York and I truly enjoy your cooking videos in YouTube.
    Out of curiosity, where are you from and where are you broadcasting from?
    Blessings….. Keep smiling

  6. Dear Anoma,
    I enjoy watching your cookery demonstrations and love the fact that you talk in Sinhala.
    I am going to try the Dello curry tonight! Wish me luck!
    Keep up with the good work.
    Love and all good wishes,

  7. Hi Anomas
    I am a housewife too with two boys. We like in the UK. I really enjoy watching your recipes and tips. You present very well and it’s a joy watching you. Thank you for doing what you do.

  8. Hello I’m Haleema I like your recipes very much
    I got to know many things about cooking I didn’t know before.Pls can you upload a video on how to clean and wash fish

  9. Hi akke,
    oyage kama godak man hadanawa.oya hodata recipes denawa.mata samahara ingredients hoya ganna ba.puluwannam mewa ganna thanak kiyanna.
    basil leaf
    dun thel

    thanks and best of luck

  10. Hi Anoma,
    I love cooking and enjoy watching your recipes so much. U inspire a lot of people to cook. Can u please share more western dishes like main dishes with chicken or seafood?

    Thank you


  11. Hi Anoma,

  12. Hi Anoma Aunty,
    Thank you very much for sharing your culinary knowledge through these videos.I love the way you give all the tiny little details while you cook. I live in UK at present, I always going to Asian shops to buy things and cook as per your details in recipe. I really enjoy the culinary journey that you take us in sinhala because we rarely hear sinhala here(believe me it has therapeutic value) .I could not find ‘Dunthel’ here to make dunthel rice ,I’m determined to make it once I come back to Sri Lanka.May triple gem bless you , your family and all the people behind this massive effort).

    Thank you,

  13. Hi Aunty Anoma,

    It’s really interesting to watch the way you explain about how to make food. It’s so impressive. Specially you are explaining them as a kind hearted person. I must say you are doing it a great example for others who just do
    It for publicity. Proud of you as a Sri Lanka.
    Good luck..

  14. Really enjoy your videos. I have made many dishes following your recipes and my favourite is your malu ambulthiyal. I live in Canada and your Canadian or western food recipes are amazing as you give a Sri Lankan touch to it. Wish you good luck!

  15. Aunty,
    Thank you so much for sharing your cooking videos on youtube.
    I wonder in the time to come the present sri lankan generation would be aware of what traditional food & recepies are.
    I would be very pleased if u let us know how to make ‘sarana’ & how to make ‘thampala’ too! (Could be in different ways)
    I did watch your dhal curry with spinach but i do not know how to make ‘saarana’ & ‘thamapala! Also let me know what’s the english word for ‘saarana’ & ‘thampala’
    Thank You
    Sugeeth (Moratuwa)

  16. Aunty ඔයාගෙ recipes හරිම හොඳයි .මම ඒවා ගොඩක් හදල තියෙනවා .ඔයාගෙ ඉදිරිපත් කිරීම හරිම ලස්සනයි .තව තවත් අපිට දැනුම දෙන්න ,අපි ඒවා බලන්න ආසාවෙන් ඉන්නවා .
    Thank u,

  17. Hi Anoma wish you a wonderful 2018. Thank you for sharing all your recipes with us. I specially found the Sri Lankan curries very useful since I am forced to cook Sri Lankan stuff now as I have no domestic help. I love cooking. Can you share more of your western recipes as well please. Thanks once again for the great job you are doing

  18. Dear Madam Anoma,

    Your recipes and presentation are absolutely superb. Now I am the one who king in our kitchen. Now my wife totaly rejected from the kitchen by my kids. When I cook your recipes my kids are very happy and very love to enjoy. Now I feel cooking is very simple thing and you save the much money since we used eat form the restaurants. We really enjoying your Biryani recipe. When any visitor came our place, don’t think twice. We cook your Biryani recipe. They highly admiring our meal. But all appreciations and credits totaly must go for your account.
    Honestly say I highly appreciated you, changing our taste and appetite. So I wish you every success in your life.

    Theruwan Saranai


  19. Hi ANoma
    Can you please list the ingredients for the Sri Lankan cheesecake (shorteats made in cup cake pan) in English as I like to try the recipe but can’t read Sinhalese.

    Thank you.


  20. Hi Mrs. Anoma
    We as Sri Lankans are very lucky to be blessed with a cookery demonstrator like you.. We are truly blessed….among the many you have the ability n talents to reach anyone’s heart n requirements where recipes are concern…in short you know how to cater for everyone’s need therefore hardly questions arise cs you go into each n every single detail making it as clear as crystal along with your sweet charming ways of presentations .frm a small girl or a boy to an elderly ..I truly love yr dishes n hv tried out many which are so tasty n came out perfect..
    May the blessings of the Noble Triple Gem shower upon you n your family always with good health n prosperity ..Looking forward to see you in real life someday…n good luck with your culinary life…

  21. Hi Aunty, I live in Australia on my own. Missing amma’s curries so badly sometimes . Thanks to you I just made Garlic curry .. beautiful 🙂 It Might not be as beutiful as yours but I think I did well 🙂 Thanks once again and keep doing what you are doing 🙂

  22. Hi Anoma,

    I really follow a lot of your Recipes on a daily basis and use them for my cooking at home on the weekends as I work during the week. Even the Desserts I have tried them out and they have turned out quite well because I love cooking and I am happy when I see that everyone is enjoying what I have made for them.

  23. Iam sri lankan living in japan .thanks your lovely smile and delecious sri lankan cusine.you done very good job.give us to nice presantaition allso (like japanese).

  24. Hi Anoma
    I am Nadeeka and live in NY with my husband and three kids. My kids liove Sri Lankan food. I really enjoy your recipes. I tried the Ambulthiyal for a Dane and the black pork curry for a dinner and everyone loved it. Tonight I am going to try the Biriyani.
    Good luck with your YouTube channel

  25. Hi Anoma, Congratulations on your great Food Channel. I enjoy watching your Cooking as well as your life experiences that you share very sincerely. The ideas you shared yesterday on “International Women’s Day’ were excellent! Thank you so much for being a truly inspiring lady. I wish you every success and God’s Blessings. With Love – Lilamani

  26. අනෝමා ඇන්ටි හාල් ගරන විධිය කියලා දේන්න පුළුවන්ද

  27. Hi Anoma

    I love your recipes and the way you present . Can we please have more western main dishes ? Chicken, seafood, mutton, pork etc? These dishes will be very helpful when entertaining guests for dinner,. I have benefited so much from your channel. Keep up the good work and keep smiling your beautiful smile
    Warm regards


  28. Dear Anoma.I really like your recipes and the way you present them with your beautiful smile. We look forward to learn more from you.God bless you and wish you all the best.

  29. Hi aunty, Thank you for your YouTube channel. I am using it since last year. I am Phd student who lives in USA. Before I moved here i didnt do cooking at home. But thankx to you now I can make dinner for even 13 people.(and I did it for my birthday dinner recently) Thank you again.

  30. Hi Aunti,

    I live in USA and was missing my moms’ food soo much.Specially pork curry.
    But thanks to you now I can cook as good as my mom.The way you explain recipes are amazing . I tried so many of your recipes and my husband loved all of them.
    I would love to share photos with you !!


  31. Dear Anoma aunty,

    I love your recepies. I have 2 kids – boys aged 10 and 6. Both of them love the food i made that learnt from you. So thank you very much. Love your smile and clear explanations.

  32. Dear Anoma,

    Its nice to hear about you as well as your informative recipes. I wonder if you know of a recipe for a pudding using cornflour and condensed milk, something like a blancmange, but not from the packets available. During my childhood, my mother used to make it and I recall her using cornflour and condensed milk and used to call it “cornflour pudding”. though we used to love it, unfortunately I never got round to getting to know how to make it. Grateful if you know and share it with us.

    Wish you all the best, Indira Balasuriya

  33. Dear Anoma,
    I have been living in Toronto Canada for the last twenty-one years. I live alone and I am sick and tired of buying food and eating from out as I do not know how to cook. Accidentally I came across your cooking Videos online a few months back and I kept on watching your videos showing how to cook Sri Lankan curries. After following your recipes and cooking methods I have now become a good cook preparing mainly Sri Lankan curries which I enjoy. May I add here that your lovely smile, pleasing talk and the way you instruct, easy to understand methods make the videos interesting to watch. Please keep up your good work where our Srilankan Brothers and Sisters living around the world will benefit immensely from your teaching. Thank you very much. Warm regards, Chandra Silva.

  34. Hi Anoma.
    I made Butter Chicken following your recipe. Came out excellent. My Australian friends enjoyed it. Also I made fish ambulthiyal, rice dishes, capsicum filled & many more. I love cooking, yr recipes are great. Thanks for sharing. Good luck.

  35. Dear Anoma My name is Anoosha from Australia I have sent you a mail B4 , but I do not have your e mail it is at home and I am writing this from Finland I am on holiday until my bed time comes I was watching your cooking , my e mail is anooshades@yahoo.com.au can you reply why you put a slice of old bread to the apps batter .

  36. Hi Anoma Aunty,

    Man qatar wala inne man dakala thiyenawa Aunty use karanne KitchenAid stand mixture eka kiyala. Aunty eka gatte lankawenda?

    Man Qatar walin ganna hitan inne lankawe dealers la innawada aunty?
    Machine ekata mokak hari unoth lankawe repair karana than thiyenawada?

    Man Aunty ta harima aadarei….!!!! Man uyanna igena gatte auntygen . Mata auntywa mage amma wage..

  37. Hi Anoma
    Are you able to give the recipe in English too. With your cheese cake filling do you add a bit of baking powder

  38. Hi Anoma
    Thought of seeking your help as i know uour generosity.
    I love peanut butter n made it. It was quite creamy and nice after i processed the peanuts on the good processor but almost after i added sslt and bees honey and tried processing a bit, it became quite hard.
    Can you tell me where i had gone wrong and jow i could correct the peanut butter which got hardened.
    Your early response would be much appreciated.

  39. I really enjoy looking at your recipes on YOU TUBE please let me know whether lava cake can be made in the microwave

  40. Thanks Anoma – very innovative recipes. Please let me know whether lava cake can be made in the microwave. You have a lovely way of explaining the recipe

  41. Dear Anoma,
    I am so thankful to you for the wonderful service and knowledge you share with the kids, young and old. I at my age of 57 still learn a lot from your programmes. I am very grateful to you cos my 2 daughters who are married and having kids and myself were able to support our families by catering food and frankly almost 99% were prepared according to your recipes and we have been reveiving very goid comments regarding the taste and quality. There were times we wanted to call you for advise but unfortunately we did not have your telephone number. We live your recipesvery specially because they are all done with natural ingredients when most of the othets use all kibds of artificial flavouring etc., I hope and pray that I will be able to co e and tbank you personally for all the knowledge gained fro. you that gave me the strength and confidence to support my family financially during this difficult period and truly want to tell you that I praise and thank God for your life and. pray to God to bless you and your family in abundance. A BIG THANK YOU ONCE AGAIN.
    You are very well known by my grandsons who are 9, 7, 6, 5 and the only little grand daughter who is 5 years old. Whenever I keep wondering how to prepare a dish swiftly cones the answer from them. ” ARCHCHA CHECK AUNTY ANOMA’S RECIPE IN U TUBE. My little grandaughtet spends time watching your recipes and has already started helping me to make patties etc.,

    May God bless you and make use of you to be an inspiration to many many more peopke in this world.

    Yours sincerely
    TEL 0777079535

  42. Thanks so much akki anoma ..i did the heennaran lunu dehi…it came up very nice and so taesty ..thanks
    Im dr.vijithakumarie seneviratne

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