papadam dish 1

Sufficient oil to fry
papadam 1
Heat oil ,when it’s hot put papadam one at a time, and tap down with the spoon
papadam 2
Then it will cook crispier and thinner. Then raise the papadam with the spoon and let it drain all the oil. Keep fried papadams on a brown paper or kitchen towel to drain more.
papadam 3
You can fry the whole papadam as it is, or cut into strips.
papadam dish 2
You can fry some dry red chillies and serve with Papadam.
papadam chillie dish 2
Serving Suggestions  01-
Rice, Bean curry, Pumpkin black curry,Fish Curry and Kurinnan sambol
papadam meal 2
Serving Suggestions  02 – Yellow Rice, Cashew curry, Pineapple curry, Chicken deval.
papadam meal 1jpg

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